Life as a Bike Commuter: What I’ve Learned

This week is Bike to Work Week in Chicago. Ironically, I’ll be driving to work this entire week for two reasons. It’s also Men’s Health Week, and Near North Health Services Corp (where I serve as Medical Director) is hosting free screenings at all its sites and I need to be mobile and get around the entire city.

And, also, I have a flat bike tire which still needs fixing since I was out of town all last weekend. Luckily, the flat tire happened on my commute to work on Thursday last week. Something small, I suspect, had deflated the tire slowly during the course of the day, because I got to work just fine. But as I left to go home, I noticed the deflated tire immediately. I walked a half mile south and hopped on the CTA bus straight west back home to Oak Park.

On most days, however, my bike to work is a great experience. Do you ride your bike to work? If you do, you probably relate a lot to the joys and frustrations of bike commuting. If you don’t, you, like most of my staff as I enter the health center bike in hand, think I’m crazy.
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