Farmageddon 2013: The Harvest

One of the major weekend harvests

One of the many major weekend harvests

Farmageddon 2013 is pretty much over.  A few carrots, kale, and bok choy are still in the ground, but most of the other crops are fully harvested and the plants removed.  Compost has been tilled into some of the the spots in preparation for Farmageddon 2014.

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Farmaggedon 2013: In the ground!



Our backyard “farm” flourishes after a slow start from the cold Spring. We’ve been able to harvest some greens like arugula, allowing us to replace lettuce and make nearly any meal a gourmet feast!
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Farmageddon 2013: Grow lights galore!


I started a new hobby in 2011, the year after we moved into our home in Oak Park: vegetable gardening. I grew zero vegetables before that year. My parents weren’t into vegetable gardening. Before moving to Oak Park, I lived in a condo or apartments or dorms in the urban landscape of Chicago, with little, if any, access to soil.

But in Oak Park, I had back yard large enough for raised beds, with plenty of room for our dog and future kids to run around the play too. And thus, I began my “farm,” as I affectionately refer to it.

Unlike most folks who experiment with a handful of vegetables their first time through (let’s plant a tomato, a cucumber, and pepper seedling to start off!), I tried my hand at over two dozen different vegetables, most of them from seed. Starting with grow lights which my husband bought for me the Christmas before the 2011 growing season, and armed with books instructing me on backyard homesteading, I was energized and ready to go!
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